Joseph Harisson

Joseph Harisson

Hi Zulfiqar. There is a chance that there will be some recordings available after the event.
Thanks, Yikes. I made adjustments in the article, to make my message more clear.
Hi, Danny. Thank you for your insightful question! We've recently added a section to the article that delves into various technical solutions, such as content filtering algorithms, regular expressions, and sandboxing techniques.

Using Kusto Query Language (KQL) queries, as you mentioned, is an excellent example of a technical approach to identify potential Quishing emails. It's a proactive measure that can flag suspicious emails for further inspection, thereby reducing the chances of a successful attack. Here's a sample KQL query that could be used for advanced hunting:

  1. EmailEvents
  2. where Timestamp > ago(7d)
  3. where AttachmentTypes has "image" or AttachmentTypes has "png" or AttachmentTypes has "jpg"
  4. extend isSuspicious = iif(Subject has "urgent" or Subject has "action required", 1, 0)
  5. where isSuspicious == 1
  6. project RecipientEmail, SenderEmail, Subject, AttachmentNames, Timestamp

However, I want to highlight that no single measure is foolproof. A multi-layered defense strategy that combines technical countermeasures with robust training and awareness programs is often the most effective way to combat Quishing.

I hope this answers your question, and I appreciate your input, which adds another layer of depth to this important discussion.

Hello Michael. Since January 15, 2023, our cybersecurity team has received several notifications from our partners about emails claiming that the site had been compromised. These emails stated that our partners partners' websites had a vulnerability and asked them to pay between $3000 and $3500 in bitcoins to keep the site's reputation intact. Our cybersecurity experts thoroughly checked these incidents and confirmed that this is just a scare tactic and the sites were not actually hacked.

The message is designed to trick site owners into paying to avoid leaking sensitive data or damaging their company's reputation. While the ransomware campaign may not pose an immediate danger, you need to take site security seriously.

Since your site is based on Wordpress, it's important to update your WordPress core, themes and plugins with the latest security patches. However, there may still be undetected vulnerabilities for which no patches are available, so we at IT Companies Network highly recommend using web application firewalls and vulnerability scanners.

Hi Raman. We have just published an updated version of our Top 25 ServiceNow partners list, and InMorphis has been included.
Hi. We carefully considered the feedback and are pleased to announce that Infocenter has been added to our updated list of 25 ServiceNow partners.
Hi. Thanks for your feedback, we revised our article, expanded our list to Top25 ServiceNow partners, and included Contender.
Hi Thomas. We recently published our study of the best RMM tools. According to it, Atera RMM is one of the leaders, which is definitely worth considering (we are not affiliated with them in any way, this is the result of our personal research + survey of MSP providers). They have improved the functionality of their solution significantly over the last year, especially in terms of automation. The integrations have also improved significantly. By the way, this week they released a new version, which is solid.

In second place, we can recommend Ninja RMM.

Let us know if you have more specific questions.
Hi Trevor. Unless you plan on scaling it, i.e. allowing other users to sign up, pay, and use your custom billing system, I'd say you should expect something in the 10-15k range for a simple billing system. But of course it depends on the features you want and the technology stack you will be using.

For example, billing software can be built using one of the PHP frameworks, such as Laravel. This will be cheaper than a system built using more complex frameworks such as Ruby on Rails.

But if you want to build billing software that works as SaaS (Software as a Service) and is secure, you will have to invest more. The SaaS development process is complicated and expensive, read our post —
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