Looking for a new RMM. Any recommendations?

Our MSP is exploring options for a new RMM tool to replace Datto, which has seen prices increase and support diminish since their IPO. While Kaseya was an option we considered, the recent breach alerted us to potential security issues that were inadequately addressed by sales reps when we raised the concern. Could you please provide your expert opinion on what would be the best solution?

Joseph Harisson Joseph Harisson 9 months ago #
Hi Thomas. We recently published our study of the best RMM tools. According to it, Atera RMM is one of the leaders, which is definitely worth considering (we are not affiliated with them in any way, this is the result of our personal research + survey of MSP providers). They have improved the functionality of their solution significantly over the last year, especially in terms of automation. The integrations have also improved significantly. By the way, this week they released a new version, which is solid.

In second place, we can recommend Ninja RMM.

Let us know if you have more specific questions.
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