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Today, more and more businesses conduct their transactions online. As a result, cybersecurity has become a necessity not just for giant corporations but equally for small businesses which are also handling sensitive information such as credit card numbers and financial records.
Cyber threats are on a spike both in volume and complexity, a trend that is pushing business owners and leaders to go beyond tools and involve their employees. There is no better way to involve employees than through cyber security awareness training.
If you accept credit or debit cards from customers, you need to be PCI DSS compliant as part of your security posture. But what does that mean? PCI DSS stands for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, a data standard for businesses that deal with credit cards.
Agile teams have become the norm in software development. But with the different options of agile methodologies, it can be tough to know what roles and structures work best for your team.
Distributed computing is playing a major role these days, especially for businesses that depend on superior computing power to serve their customers. It is also increasingly being used for machine learning and artificial intelligence applications.
For software development, reporting is a great way to provide stakeholders with information about the progress of a project and to prepare for future decisions. One reporting approach that is gaining momentum is agile reporting, thanks to the agile development methodology.
As a business owner, you probably know that technology is important. But what kinds of software do you need to run your business? Luckily the solid growth of software development services has made it possible for any business to quickly find the right software for their needs.
Outsourcing is a hot topic in business circles these days from software development to manufacturing and others. And it's no wonder why - according to the most recent trends, outsourcing is booming, with more and more companies across all industries discovering the advantages of this phenomenon.
Businesses from all industries are now keen to outsource software development in a bid to reduce costs, increase efficiency and gain a competitive edge especially for non-technical leaders.
Agile has gained immense popularity among software development firms. The agile principles of incremental and iterative development, self managing teams, and customer collaboration allow for rapid delivery of high-quality software.
Not long ago, small businesses complained of an equal playing field, where large corporations enjoyed the advantages of scale and resources. But now tech has leveled the ground, handing small businesses a platform to compete with the best in the world.
The global Managed Services market size continues to surprise many and is now expected to surpass the US$ 700 billion mark in the next 7 years.
Agile transformation is a hot topic for companies looking to improve their product development process. But making the shift to agile can be daunting, especially if you’re not sure where to start.
We’ve heard tales of businesses going under due to data breaches. Some just file for bankruptcy and call it a day. They probably had never come across the saying, “You can never be too safe.” Well, maybe they heard about it but ignored or gave it low priority.
While off-the-shelf software does its fair bit, ambitious businesses must also give priority to custom software for those core functions that make the difference. It's an investment that will not only deliver a super return on investment but also amplify your competitive advantage..
PI planning is an important part of scaling the agile development process, the agile team's best practice for planning and executing a successful iteration. It allows multiple agile teams to come together, refine their goals and ensure that they are on track to reach them.
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