What to Look for In Today’s Disaster Recovery Solutions

When some of us hear about disaster recovery, they think about backing up data. While data backup is a part of any serious disaster recovery, the importance of data recovery solutions goes beyond this. True data recovery gives a business the ability to seamlessly and swiftly switch to operating from a different location, with negligible or no service interruption.

If you have decided to look for disaster recovery providers for your business organization, here are a number of things you should look for:

Cost effectiveness

While the idea of disaster recovery is enticing to most entrepreneurs, not all of them are enthusiastic about spending their company dollars for it. This is, in part, because a number of disaster recovery firms can be quite expensive. A well-fitting disaster recovery plan should therefore be cost effective. You should, well within your budget, be able to set it up and test it.

Rapid implementation

However good a disaster recovery solution might be, if it takes forever to implement, your organization is just as good as any other that has invested nothing in disaster recovery. Whenever a disaster strikes, you should be able to failover and get back up fast enough to minimize data loss.

Data recovery locations

A good data recovery solution should provide you with a number of locations across continents. Such a global footprint is important because it ensures that recovery can happen from any given location in a number of countries.

24-hour support

You should go for a disaster recovery solution that guarantees you of support all day, every day. The disaster recovery solutions provider should have email and phone support. They should also have integrated ticketing for easier troubleshooting.


The only sure way of knowing how well your business is prepared for a disaster is through disaster recovery testing. A good disaster recovery solution will include regular tests as your system grows and transitions in line with your growing business. Work with a provider that has the option of self-service testing.

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