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Now is the right time to pursue a career in tech or advance your skills for a higher role in the tech industry. Millions of opportunities are presented each day, but the shortage of qualified tech talent continues to be a nightmare for companies globally. IT technicians in particular top the list of skill gaps in the tech industry today.

The trend is expected to keep growing, propelled by the growing AI and Machine Learning field which has given rise to revolutionary trends such as AI interfaces.  

Imagine how many opportunities will be available by 2030 if, since 2022, an average of 377,500 job openings are advertised each year. Mind you, this number only accounts for the IT and computer science occupations, and the skills gap keeps growing.

For instance, Equinix's Global Tech Trends Survey reveals that 62% of IT decision-makers find IT skills shortage a bane to their business success. The number is highest in the UK, where 67% of the IT decision-makers identified the same challenge.

But why is there such a massive skills gap when quite a significant number of IT and Computer Science students graduate each year? Plus, the number of self-taught IT professionals keeps rising with the increase in self-paced learning programs!

Referring to Equinix's report, one of the recurring challenges with finding the right talent is a lack of awareness. The young talents are unaware of the available opportunities in the tech industry.

So if you are one of the talents or an aspiring IT professional keen to uncover opportunities, we welcome you to explore the top-paying tech jobs globally. You will learn what the jobs entail, the skill requirements, and the average salary in various parts of the world.

The best paying jobs in technology 

We identified the top-paying jobs in the technology sector globally based on the average salary in different parts of the world.

We also included the required skills and expected growth to help gauge your skills match and the potential to be a good fit for these jobs.

Most of these jobs have a strong foundation in software development, meaning it would be prudent to get started on learning software development. Please check the best software development courses you can start on right away. If you want to go deep into programming but are not sure of the specialization, please compare the different types of programmers

1. Mobile App Developer

Mobile app development entails writing software programs for wireless computing devices such as tablets, smartphones, and digital assistants.

With the soaring increase in smartphone users, the demand for mobile app developers is higher now than ever. In fact, the demand for mobile app developers is expected to rise from 17% to 24% by 2026.

It's no wonder the global mobile app development market is projected to hit $777.4 billion (2032) from $208.5 billion (2022).


  • Knowledge of modern coding languages, including Swift, Javascript, Kotlin, Java, and Dart
  • Knowledge of cloud infrastructure technologies such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Oracle for app deployment and management.
  • An understanding of data engineering techniques for efficient repositories and databases
  • Experience with cross-platform development tools such as Xamarin, Flutter, and React Native
  • Knowledge of mobile app security assessment tools such as Fortify Static Code analyzer and Burp Suite. 

Average Salary

The average annual salary for a mobile app developer is the highest in the United States, amounting to $123,797. In other countries, the average salaries are as follows:

2. Database Administrator (DBA)

A Database Administrator is responsible for managing all database-related activities. These include designing and developing databases and organizing and maintaining client data.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics projects the DBA employment rate to grow 8% faster between 2022 and 2033 than the average growth for all occupations. That's a promising opportunity for tech professionals and enthusiasts to grab.


  • Understand one or more Database Management Systems such as Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, or MySQL
  • Database design and modeling skills. These include defining relationships between tables, creating efficient database schemas, and optimizing database structures
  • Have expertise and experience in querying, managing and updating databases
  • Understand the Standard Query Language to optimize code and write complex queries
  • Monitor and optimize SQL queries, implement indexing strategies, and configure database parameters
  • Understand backup and recovery strategies, including testing restore processes and implementing disaster recovery plans
  • Understand security and access control techniques, including encrypting data and implementing user roles and permissions. 

Average Salary

The highest-paid database administrators in Australia receive an average annual salary of $107,200.

This is how the salaries compare in other parts of the world: 

3. Product Manager

A product manager is responsible for articulating and leading product strategies that meet business objectives and customer needs. This involves building a strategic roadmap for creating, selling, and obtaining product feedback.

The demand for product manager roles is growing at 30% each year. This is due to the economic dominance of tech giants like Amazon and Facebook and the rising adoption of digital products.

As a result, there are more product manager roles than the available talent.


  • Mastery in storytelling to explain why certain product design decisions were made and attract customers
  • Must be visionary, staying ahead of tech trends and projecting the future to adjust and improve strategies
  • Should have a basic understanding of sales, marketing, design, and engineering to understand the unique challenges of each role.
  • Technical know-how in design and development and related technical skills
  • An understanding of how to manage the business product across multiple platforms, such as iOS and macOS
  • An understanding of significant KPIs to track product progress, including feedback.

Average Salary

The highest-paid product manager receives an average annual salary of  $204,440 in the United States.

The average salary for a product manager in other countries: 

4. Full-stack Developer

A full-stack developer builds software applications' front-end (client side) and back-end (server side). They employ multiple technologies to design, develop, test, deploy, and maintain software applications.

Full-stack developers continue to feature in the list of top-paying jobs, with the employment rate projected to increase by 16% between 2022 and 2032.


  • Knowledge of HTML and CSS to design and structure web pages
  • Knowledge of object-oriented programming languages such as Javascript
  • Experience with source code management and version control tools such as Git and GitHub
  • Be knowledgeable in designing, managing, manipulating and querying database systems
  • Understand backed programming languages, including Ruby, Java, and Python
  • Understand the web architecture, including structuring database data and code.

Average Salary

5. Artificial Intelligence Architect

AI Architects work alongside stakeholders to identify and resolve business needs with the help of AI. They are well-versed in AI algorithms, technologies and frameworks to design and implement AI solutions.

The demand for AI Architects is expected to grow with the rising adoption of AI and Machine learning technologies for intelligent systems.


  • Familiarity with data analytics tools such as R, SAS and Python
  • A deep understanding of applied mathematics and neural networks for data analysis and visualization
  • A mastery of Machine Learning and deep learning methodologies and frameworks such as TensorFlow
  • In-depth knowledge of data processing, simulation, administration, and production processes
  • Understanding big data and cloud computing technologies. 

Average Salary

6. Cloud Architect

Cloud Architects oversee an organization's cloud computing strategy, ensuring the effective functioning of the cloud infrastructure and systems. 

They employ cloud technologies to create systems to monitor and manage the cloud environment.

Cloud-computing-related jobs are recording a 30% year-over-year growth due to the growing adoption of cloud-based solutions.


  • Mastery of cloud automation
  • Understanding cloud applications and infrastructure architecture
  • Understanding how to use security tools to improve the security of cloud applications and infrastructure
  • Expertise in container creation and container management tools such as Kubernetes
  • Knowledge of networking and data center technologies, such as virtualization.

Average Salary

7. DevOps Engineer

DevOps Engineers increase software release frequency by shortening the software development process. They unite the software development team's operations to facilitate collaborative software releases. Another methodology that is closely related to DevOps is SRE. We have a guide that outlines the differences between these two.  

The DevOps market is projected to grow at a CAGR of over 20% between 2023 and 2032. This implies a growing need for DevOps Engineers, as 35.5% of IT recruiters seek to hire professionals with DevOps skills.


  • An understanding of Linux fundamentals, including system administration, process management, and file handling
  • Cloud computing skills, including network and database management
  • Knowledge of programming languages such as Java, Ruby, Shell, and Javascript
  • Knowledge of containerization and related tools such as Docker Swarm, Container registries, and Docker Engine

Average Salary

If you are already working in the DevOps field, please learn the best practices to enhance the working environment and also the advantages of containerization

8. Data Scientist

Data Scientists analyze large volumes of data to draw meaningful conclusions and help organizations make informed decisions. They collect, analyze, and interpret data to draw meaningful insights.

Data Scientists have many job opportunities, with projections revealing a 35% employment growth between 2022 and 2032.


  • Knowledge of programming languages (R, SQL, Python, Scala) and databases (SQL, MongoDB)
  • A strong command of mathematics and statistics — think linear algebra, regression, probability distribution, etc.
  • Experience with data visualization tools including Power BI, Tableau, D3.js
  • Experience with web scraping tools such as Pandas and Scrapy
  • Experience with Big Data processing tools such as, KNIME, and Hadoop.

Average Salary

9. Information Security Manager

Information Security Managers take charge of cybersecurity practices and systems to prevent security breaches from occurring. 

The employment rate for Information Security Manager is projected to increase by 32% between 2022 and 2032.


  • Knowledge of security architecture for ease of security enforcement and maintenance
  • Knowledge of security network configuration to set up and deploy authentication tools and vulnerability mitigation systems
  • Knowledge of computer forensics for intrusion detection and prevention
  • Problem-solving skills to figure out vulnerabilities and develop mitigation strategies
  • Leadership skills to effectively manage the IT team, foster knowledge-sharing and capacity-building

For learning opportunities, please check these network security certifications which will come in handy if you want to specialize in network security.

Average Salary

10. Business Intelligence Analyst (BI Analyst)

BI Analysts review data to generate market intelligence and finance reports. The reports provide insightful trends and patterns.

According to Zippia, the BI Analyst job market is expected to grow at a rate of 21% between 2018 and 2028. This is an excellent opportunity to seize, considering BI Analyst's salaries increased by 10% between 2018 and 2022 (based on Zippia's report).


  • Knowledge and experience with data preparation tools, including Alteryx, Improvado, and Tableau Prep.
  • Experience with data mining tools such as Oracle Data Mining, Rapid Miner, and Konstanz Information Miner
  • Knowledge of data visualization tools, including Scatter Plots, Heat Maps, and Gantt Charts
  • Knowledge of statistical components such as probability distribution and set theory
  • Data reporting skills to present data findings to board members and stakeholders.

Average Salary

11. User Experience (UX) Designer

UX designers are responsible for optimizing users' experience as they interact with physical or digital products. They leverage psychology, project management, research, and business analysis to improve customer satisfaction.

UX design, part of the web and digital design category, is expected to grow by 16% from 2022 to 2032, driven by business owners recognizing the importance of immersive user experiences in enhancing customer engagement.


  • Interaction design skills such as prototyping, wireframing, creating mockups and user flows
  • Knowledge of visual design tools such as Figma, Adobe Photoshop, and Illustrator
  • Understanding of usability testing and user research for optimized design experience
  • Knowledge of information architecture to help users understand the actions to take
  • Basic understanding of application development languages such as CSS, HTML, and Javascript.

Average Salary

12. Information Security Analyst

An Information Security Analyst ensures the safety of organizational data and systems. They analyze data traffic, monitor systems for vulnerabilities, and implement security measures to prevent attacks.

The employment rate for this high-paying role is expected to increase by 32% between 2022 and 2032. The growing need for cybersecurity solutions fuels this growth.


  • Basic understanding of networking to understand what each piece of information implies
  • Security fundamentals to identify vulnerabilities and mitigate them
  • Incident response and handling, including root cause analysis
  • Communication and documentation skills for escalating complex security issues and follow-up

Average Salary

The highest-paid Information Security Analyst receives an average annual salary of $115,602 in the United States. 

The average salary for an Information Security Analyst in other countries:

See our listing of the best courses in cybersecurity. You can also consider starting with free courses

It’s not too late to start! 

For most companies, the most important qualification is being able to do the job and meet or exceed their expectations. Do you have the right skills and experience? Can you actually do the job? Of course ethics and professionalism are also major requirements that cut across all these jobs. In addition to the skills and experience, every company wants a professional who is well grounded in excellent work ethics. You need true passion for the role and a willingness to learn.

One of the easiest ways to land a job in tech is by showcasing your knowledge to potential employers. Identify a real-life problem and launch a project to solve it. This gives you a competitive edge and highlights your strengths in a unique way. 

If you are just getting started, consider volunteer roles and internships to build your experience and sharpen your expertise. The goal is to demonstrate that you can do that job. Tech employers are convinced better with what they can see and feel rather than what you tell them.

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