The IT Company LLC

Information Technology & Services in Knoxville, TN
10 - 49
2003 year
United States

Information Technology & Services in Knoxville, TN

The IT Company is a Knoxville, TN based Outsourced IT Support and Services Provider serving the region within 50 miles of our home. The IT Company serves a select group of clients throughout the area, with a special emphasis on those in highly regulated industries such as Physicians Practices and Community Banks. We have focused our organization around our simple mission of “Happy Customers.” We do this by only working with a select group of new customers annually who are seeking a partner who will normalize IT operations by improving policy, process, stability, security, reliability and performance while at the same time ensuring compliance with the various State and Federal regulatory requirements. In our experience those organizations typically require high security, high availability, maximum performance and are many times under regulatory requirements such as HIPAA (Healthcare) and GLB (Banking). In any given year we will select between 6 – 10 new customers to work with enabling our organization to grow in predictable fashion therefore ensuring consistency in our service delivery to our existing customers as we onboard new customers


Tennessee, Knoxville, 16 Emory Pl, Ste 100, 37917
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