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Fusion Connect, a leading next-generation Managed Communications Service Provider (MCSP) and Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider, specializes in enabling mid-market and enterprise businesses to securely connect people and applications globally. Fusion Connect is committed to delivering superior customer experiences, modern self-service capabilities, and future-proof technology solutions, underpinned by an inclusive culture that prioritizes career growth and employee well-being.

Core Services by Fusion Connect:

  1. Managed Communications: Fusion Connect offers comprehensive communication tools, including Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS), Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS), and traditional voice communication services, all supported by Fusion Connect's nationwide IP backbone.
  2. Managed Security: Fusion Connect employs a zero-trust security approach, ensuring the protection of technology, people, and infrastructure without compromising productivity. This includes advanced endpoint detection and response systems by Fusion Connect.
  3. Optimized Application Performance: Fusion Connect provides an optimized technology stack for seamless access to critical business applications and data.
  4. SD-WAN and Management Portal: Fusion Connect delivers a unified management solution for technology infrastructure, ensuring encrypted data and optimized application performance.
  5. Network Connectivity: Fusion Connect ensures always-on, reliable internet service with safe and secure wireless access, essential for modern businesses.

Fusion Connect's Industry Expertise:

  • Healthcare: Fusion Connect offers specialized solutions catering to the unique communication and security needs of the healthcare industry.
  • Restaurants: Fusion Connect tailors services to enhance operational efficiency and customer engagement in the restaurant sector.
  • Retail: Fusion Connect provides advanced communication and security solutions for retail businesses, improving customer experience and operational effectiveness.
  • Professional Services: Fusion Connect customizes communication tools and security solutions for various professional service providers.
  • Manufacturing and Distribution: Fusion Connect designs robust communication and network solutions for the complex needs of the manufacturing and distribution industries.

Fusion Connect's Unique Advantages:

  • Fusion Connect serves as a trusted advisor, aligning technology solutions with unique business needs and performance goals across diverse industries.
  • Fusion Connect offers a 5-Point Industry Leading Guarantee, including customer satisfaction, installation, 100% uptime, rate lock, and future-proof technology guarantees.
  • Fusion Connect emphasizes real-time business performance and dynamic technological adaptation to accelerate business success.

As a leader in managed communications and cloud solutions, Fusion Connect provides robust, secure, and innovative services tailored to drive business efficiency and growth in a digitally-evolving world.

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