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Productivity Enhanced
Choosing an IT provider can be challenging. How do you find a company you can really trust? Anyone can make claims about their reputation and expertise and even the worst providers can dredge up a positive testimonial or two for marketing purposes. But how do you ensure you are contracting with a truly reliable partner? There is no single foolproof indicator, but if you do your homework and ask the right questions, you can find an IT provider that is right for your business. What are the criteria you should consider? Here are a few. One, do they ask the right questions and listen to your answers? There is nothing worse than a provider that just wants to sell you their flavor-of-the-month solution. A good provider will assess your needs and create a solution that addresses your unique business requirements. A solid IT background and experience has to be a given but does your IT provider go beyond that to understand your business, its goals and its current and future needs? Only then can they recommend a truly fitting solution. Two, what is the breadth and depth of their team? If the team is too small, you will frequently have to wait because engineers will be busy with other clients. Also, no single engineer can know everything about every technology. In today’s world, IT engineers need to have some areas of specialty in addition to their general knowledge. By partnering with an IT firm like CIO, your business gets the benefit of working with an expansive and knowledgeable team while still getting one on one, individual attention.

Company info

Minimum project size:
$150 - $199
Team size:
50 - 249
1986 year


California, Santa Barbara, 5425 Hollister Ave, Suite #150, 93111
California, Fresno, 5070 N 6th St #175, 93710
California, San Luis Obispo, 150 South St., 93401
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