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Caring for your best interest is in our DNA
$100 - $149
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2002 year
United States

Caring for your best interest is in our DNA

For nearly two decades, Avid Practice has served as the «Chief Technology Officer», «Chief Information Office» and Support desk  for high-profile clients and hedge funds around the world. We want to accelerate business performance with comprehensive IT, web presence,  and digital solutions. We specialize in IT consulting,  digital presence, and tech support so your business is more productive, secure and efficient. Our clients experience a powerful competitive advantage utilizing the same expertise of a seasoned, in-house IT department at a fraction of the costs. Our enduring commitment to your success is what differentiates us from the competition. Technology’s significance in our society is growing at a breath-taking pace. Lack of technology standards, uncontrolled costs, and reactive technology management lead to losses in time, profits, and revenues. Our strategic solutions transform technical pain and confusion into understanding and productivity. We look at your technology holistically to create the most benefit from available resources. Our IT management services utilize a time-proven blend of on-site infrastructure, 24/7 monitoring, and powerful security for your organization’s communications, data, networks, and endpoints. Our suite of services extends beyond IT technology. We have the capacity to manage your digital marketing, configure your CRM system, and facilitate your web presence management.


Maryland, Baltimore, 2207 Sulgrave Avenue, 21209
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