Acrux Digital publishing services
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2016 year
United States

Acrux Digital publishing services

Welcome to Acrux, the home to a host of impactful digital solutions. Focussing on customer-centric deliverables, Acrux nurtures relationships with its clients, suppliers, employees and stakeholders by integrating all touch points. Promoted by passionate entrepreneurs, Acrux delivers products and services that satisfies each and every customer, who have specialised and specific needs. First and foremost, we are thinkers who understand the big picture and how it translates to action items. Oh yes, we also happen to be a pretty sharp team of Creative artists, design/UI specialists, web developers, software engineers, infrastructure specialists, content architects and business strategists that are solely focused on partnering with your organization to fulfil its objectives. Given today’s pressure of making more of an impact with less resources, we collaborate on identifying your root challenges first. Technology comes next.


Texas, Allen, 116 W McDermott Dr, 75013
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