VeeamOn 2023

VeeamOn is an annual conference that focuses on data protection and cyber resilience. The conference is organized by Veeam Software, a leading provider of backup, disaster recovery, and intelligent data management software solutions.

The VeeamOn conference is a highly anticipated event for IT professionals, including system administrators, IT managers, CIOs, and CISOs. The conference provides a platform for attendees to learn about the latest trends and best practices in data protection and cyber resilience, as well as to network with industry experts and peers.
The conference features keynote speeches by industry leaders, including Veeam executives, technology partners, and customers. The keynote speeches cover a range of topics, from the latest advancements in backup and disaster recovery to emerging threats in cyber security.

The VeeamOn conference also offers attendees the opportunity to attend technical sessions and hands-on labs that provide practical training and guidance on using Veeam products and solutions. Attendees can also interact with Veeam product experts and learn about the company's roadmap for future product development.

One of the highlights of the VeeamOn conference is the Solutions Expo, where attendees can explore Veeam's technology partners and their solutions. The Expo features product demonstrations, interactive sessions, and a chance to connect with industry experts.

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  • On-site
United States, Miami
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