Kaseya+Datto Connect Local, Pittsburgh

Kaseya and Datto are joining forces again to arrange yet another conference. This time, business leaders can come together in Pittsburg on March 7. As usual, the event is short but highly effective. It combines impressive networking opportunities with educational sessions. Hundreds of industry leaders come to participate in the event in order to build significant business relationships and evaluate the current industry situation.

This time, participants and speakers meet at the Hyatt Regency International Airport Hotel. During an activity-packed pre-day on March 7, attendees will get a glimpse into the current sales and marketing landscape, explore State of the MSP report, and learn how to attract cybersecurity clients. Then, on March 8, participants meet with IT Services Business Owners to learn what they are doing to succeed in the industry and increase their bottom lines annually. Lunch and cocktails are included.

Start Date:
End Date:
Type of Event:
  • On-site
United States, Pittsburgh

Hyatt Regency — Pittsburgh Intl. Airport

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