Kaseya+Datto Connect Local, Netherlands

The newest part of the Kaseya and Datto cybersecurity event series will take place at Louwmans Museum in Den Haag, Netherlands on March 23. Once again, Kaseya and Datto arrange an event aimed at helping business leaders and IT specialists evaluate the cybersecurity landscape. Both Kaseya and Datto speakers will share their experiences in the field of cybersecurity and discuss the newest developments that business leaders all over the world need to consider.

The rising cybercrime rates coupled with complex new cybersecurity measures require business owners and IT leaders to take a closer look at the situation. This event can help you do that and much more.

The Connect Local event will begin at 14.00. During the first part, attendees will get an opportunity to listen to industry experts and take advantage of their experience. The second part, which begins at 18.30 will focus on the networking element of the event. The organizers are providing tasty snacks and drinks while creating a pleasant atmosphere that encourages collaboration, experience sharing, and the formation of new partnerships. As a nice bonus, all attendees will get an opportunity to win fun prizes and get company swag.

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  • On-site
Netherlands, The Hague

Louwman Museum

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