Kaseya+Datto Connect Local, Glendale

During this event, the guests can learn more about business growth, full-scale IT projects, and predictable cash flow. It’s a conference that mostly revolves around the financial side of things. The attendees will have the good fortune of learning from sales experts who can teach them more about the best practices and things to avoid.
The organizers chose State Farm Stadium as the principal venue. Like similar events, it’s very important for guests to reserve their spot as soon as possible. Attending Kaseya+Datto Connect Local in Glendale is completely free, and you can expect a jam-packed venue.

Although the entire program is stuffed into one day, it’s a perfect event for people with limited time. The registration starts on February 23rd, at 12 PM. Immediately after lunch, you can listen to three interesting sessions, which conclude at 5:30 PM. After that, you can loosen up and do some networking.

The first session focuses on IT companies’ vision, and it is led by Kaseya’s Matt Machado. After that, you can learn more about business growth from Brian Hamilton, CIO of Mad Data IO. Lastly, ConnectBooster’s Ashley Lanoue talks about predictable cash flow and how it affects IT organizations.

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  • On-site
United States, Glendale
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