Kaseya+Datto Connect Local, Charlotte

At Kaseya+Datto Connect Local, you'll get a chance to connect with companies from your industry and attend various educational sessions. Aside from Kaseya+Datto, the event is also organized by Technology Marketing Toolkit. The companies decided to use Charlotte's Embassy Suites for the venue.

The event lasts from February 21st to February 22nd. It's mostly focused on networking, but attendees can also listen to a session by Kaseya's Corey O'Donnell (February 21st). This top expert works as the company's platform marketing VP. He will teach guests how they can improve company messaging.

There are two additional sessions on day two, and for the rest of the day, attendees can network with other visitors. All in all, it's a wonderful opportunity to discuss industry trends and potential dangers of modern IT business and go through other relevant topics.

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  • On-site
United States, Charlotte
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