GISEC Global 2023

GISEC global conference will take place in Dubai, OAE, on March 14 – 16. This event is a great opportunity for cybersecurity specialists to receive valuable information from the tpp cybersecurity experts as well as gain insight into the way hackers’ minds work.

Global CISOs are going to Dubai to talk about the 2023 cybersecurity strategy, discuss the ever-evolving cyber threat landscape, and offer opinions about cloud security. These experts will also share their ideas about implementing AI across various industries, including healthcare, finance, oil & gas, and communications.

Participants get a stellar opportunity to listen to cyber experts from various industries talk about system vulnerability, the prevalence of cybercrime, the most effective and costly attacks, and more. This information can help you gain insight into the future of cybercrimes and possibilities of protection for your company and clients.

The event speakers will take advantage of the latest presentation technologies to help you check out future innovative cybersecurity solutions. Additionally, you can meet and listen to women leaders in the cybersecurity realm. There will also be high-profile invitation-only briefings behind closed doors. As a bonus, you can participate in Cytaka World Cyber Championship and win AED 100,000.

Start Date:
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  • On-site
United Arab Emirates, Dubai

Halls 4 – 8, Dubai World Trade Centre

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