The Gartner Data & Analytics Conference 2024

The Gartner Data & Analytics Conference in São Paulo, Brazil, set for March 26-27, 2024, invites attendees to explore the era of collective intelligence, focusing on the synergy between human expertise, data, analytics, and artificial intelligence. This conference is pivotal for those involved in Data & Analytics, offering a platform for Chief Data and Analytics Officers (CDAOs) and Data & Analytics (D&A) leaders to share strategies and amplify their organization's capabilities. Attendees can expect an array of networking opportunities with Gartner experts and industry leaders, roundtable discussions, peer conversations, and case studies. Key topics include Generative AI, agile data science teams, and explainable AI for natural language processing. The conference is designed to offer insights, strategies, and practical tools for leveraging cutting-edge technologies in D&A, with an emphasis on advancing organizational data strategies and addressing the evolving demands of the digital business landscape.

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  • On-site
Brazil, S

Sheraton Sao Paulo WTC Hotel

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