AI WORLD Congress 2023

The AI World Congress 2023 is an upcoming event that will take place in London on June 7-8, bringing together experts and thought leaders from the fields of AI, robotics, machine learning, IoT, and data science. The conference will focus on several key themes that are critical to the future of AI, including the intersection of AI and robotics and the use of knowledge-based control to optimize robotic systems.

Another important theme at the conference will be the rise of ethics and responsible AI, with speakers discussing the ethical implications of AI and strategies for developing responsible AI. The conference will also explore how IoT, AI, and data can collaborate to transform industries such as healthcare, transportation, and energy. Experts in the field will discuss the latest trends and opportunities for leveraging these technologies to drive innovation and growth.

Machine learning will be another key focus of the AI World Congress 2023, with speakers discussing the latest advances in machine learning and how these techniques can be applied to real-world problems. Finally, the conference will explore the future of the AI market, including emerging trends and opportunities.

Start Date:
End Date:
AI Conference
Type of Event:
  • On-site
United Kingdom, London

Kensington Conference and Event Centre

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