2023 Concordia Americas Summit

This two-day event will take place at the University of Miami on March 9 and 10. Concordia Summit brings together business leaders, government activists, and non-profit organizations to discuss the possibilities of improving the social impact and talk about critical issues facing the western hemisphere.

The convening leaders will touch upon such issues as democracy, security, and geopolitical risk in the western hemisphere. The focus of the discussion will be on maintaining national security and getting close to achieving world peace.

They will also talk about financial inclusion, cultural diplomacy, youth advocacy, health opportunities, environmental sustainability, and innovative technologies. The focus on technologies will be especially high considering the digital transformation powered by the COVID-19 pandemic. Business leaders and activities will discuss the role of technology in society and address digital privacy concern issues.

A Summit Pass that provides access to all public programming and networking space will cost $400 +$100 registration fee. For $20,000, you can purchase a Global Patron Membership that provides access to all event opportunities as well as other benefits throughout the year.

Start Date:
End Date:
Type of Event:
  • On-site
United States, Miami

University of Miami

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