IT Staff Augmentation is the Answer to your Staffing Problems

When was the last time your IT team underwent a large project that required all hands on deck? Last month? Six months ago? Or maybe you’re in a constant state of trying to start a new project, but simply don’t have the necessary staff who have the time or are knowledgeable enough to get started. More often than not, the team starts a project with a clear idea of what they’re going to do and when they’re going to finish it. Then, something happens or another department needs help and pulls your IT resources away from the project. It’s too easy for IT departments to get stale when it comes to innovation and trying new initiatives.

To focus solely on day-to-day tasks and not get the chance to innovate, develop, or come up with new solutions means that your team isn’t actively contributing to advancing your business goals. For short-term projects that could drag on for months without the dedicated team, IT Staff Augmentation is a solution that will ensure that your project is done on time.

Benefits of IT Staff Augmentation

If you need more resources for these short-term projects, one option is to hire new staff members. However, on top of the costs for recruiting and salary, benefits account for over 25% of payroll expenses. From healthcare benefits to insurance and pension premiums, these additional staffing expenses can add up.

IT resources are expensive to hire, and even more expensive to train and retain. One of the key benefits of IT Staff Augmentation is that you can hire for the exact skills and period of time that you require them. There’s no hard feelings about requirements as it’s clearly laid out in advance, and you always have the flexibility of extending their contract, or seeking out additional team members.

The transparent cost model of many contracts is effective in that you pay only for the hours that you require the addition to your team; no overtime, no payroll requirements, and no surprises.

When hiring, you always run the risk of your Human Resources department not fully understanding your needs or their qualifications. Unfortunately, this is the reality of working in an industry that so many find confusing or esoteric. Staff Augmentation reduces the risk of HR not speaking IT and ineffectively hiring staff for your team that don’t meet your exact requirements.

According to the American Staffing Association, only 49% of people who are currently in temporary staffing situations say they are hoping for permanent work. That’s because one in five temporary IT technicians cite the value in the work-life balance that project work provides.

Trained IT specialists who are part of Staff Augmentation models understand the per-project basis, are committed to providing an input that is valuable, meeting your project requirements, and are willing to put in extra hours for the project.

IT Staff Augmentation: Choose Skills

Unless you have a very specialized long-term requirement, the need for a .Net developer on a long-term basis may not be necessary. However, choosing a candidate for that very specific skillset allows you the ability to get exactly what you’re looking for, for as long as you need them.

This rapid access to capabilities and skills missing from your team means you can immediately start tackling that project that’s been on hold.

You’re also adding an integral member to your team who has fresh ideas, and isn’t afraid to step on the toes of anyone involved with office politics. Their objective input can help to break down barriers that have been built up over time, effectively settling internal discrepancies.

Experience Matters

When you have a specific need on a time constraint, the last thing you want is to waste time training new staff and assimilating them into your office.

IT resources from a reputable IT staff augmentation company have been vetted by professional IT technicians who can attest to the quality of work they can output. Often, the IT staffing company will ensure that their employees are up-to-date in all the latest training and technologies in order to make them the best option available.

The value in outsourcing IT staff is immediately integrating a tech into your company for your required project that knows exactly what’s required in order to finish the project.

According to a Staffing Industry report, data specialists are the #1 most in demand IT staff, followed by cyber security professionals and Java developers. Finding, recruiting, and holding onto these integral staff members can be an intensive process.

Relying on staff resource planning to ensure that you have the required team members available and accountable for your projects results in receiving the most qualified person for the job.

Staff Augmentation vs. Managed Services

The difference between managed services and staff augmentation truly shows itself in the ability to keep complete control of the project with zero change to your operating model. Your IT team manages the delivery model, while you're hired staff focuses on delivering quality.

Another option for IT Staff Augmentation is the ability to hire temporary IT resources to manage your day-to-day infrastructure maintenance while you re-deploy your team to focus on innovation such as virtualization.

Furthermore, the flexibility of temporary staff prevents the bureaucratic web of trying to hire someone new or fire someone who isn’t cutting it. If you’re in desperate need of bodies to maintain your systems while you search for replacement staff, IT Staff Augmentation could be your answer.

Unplanned IT Staffing Shortage Solution

Sometimes businesses can find themselves with a staffing shortage due to an extensive workload that current staff can’t handle. Whether this is due to business growth, or the result of IT staff being promoted or moving on, IT resource planning is a service that professional IT technicians can provide.

Staff Augmentation may fill a temporary need, but IT resource planning addresses the larger issue and can clearly define the roles and team members that your business requires in order to remain successful and continue growing.

IT Resource Planning would include a thorough assessment of your current situation, business goals, and training for your current team to develop.

The ASA Staffing Industry Economic Analysis reports that the unemployment rate is currently the lowest in seven years, at 5.1%. However, staffing employment has been growing 3.5 times faster than the economy and seven times faster than the overall employment rate.

American staffing numbers have been rising steadily from - 10.8 millions in 2007 to 16 millions in 2019, staffing employment is the answer to short-term project needs and a steadily declining business operating budget, while acknowledging IT staffers desire for greater work/life flexibility.

If you’ve been trying to recruit team members for short-term projects, there may be a better option. Professional IT staffing companies provide IT Staff Augmentation services to match your business needs with the most qualified technician. Guaranteeing that your project stays on time, on budget, and is delivered with the utmost quality in mind is a goal of our IT Staffing department.

IT staff augmentation experts understand that your business runs a certain way, and they’re not there to change your business model. Their role is to work through tasks and offer advice to ensure that your project needs are met.

Find the right company to discuss how IT Staff Augmentation can complement your IT team.

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