Hiring an In-House Software Developer: Is It Worth It?

When it comes to software development, companies usually face the choice of outsourcing the job or hiring an in-house developer. Both options come with their own pros and cons, including speed, costs, quality, and much more.

Hiring an in-house developer can be an excellent choice for companies with a large budget or businesses that need on-going development. Outsourcing development projects is a good solution for companies that need things done quickly while cutting software development costs.

Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of hiring an in-house software developer.

Advantages of Hiring an In-House Software Developer

Here are a few important benefits to consider when deciding to work with an in-house specialist.

1. Control and Communications

When a developer is working in your office, you have full control of the process. Even if you don’t favor micromanagement, you can monitor the progress and step in whenever you need it.

Software development requires regular communication between the developer and the client. Arranging it is much easier when you are working in the same building as the development team.

With in-house developers, you know how much time they are spending on your project. Whenever they need your opinion, you can readily provide it without delaying the process.

2. Knowledge

Your in-house development team knows your business environment. From the first days, such developers learn how the company works, which software employees use, what business goals are prioritized, and much more.

This information can prove highly valuable when designing and developing new software. You wouldn’t need to spend extra time explaining how everything works for your company and what you want to achieve with the new software.

Additionally, the in-house developer has access to your employees (future software users) and knows what can simplify their work process.

3. Updates and Maintenance

Once the software is ready, your in-house team will provide updates and maintenance timely. You wouldn’t need to pay extra money for these tasks. Any time a question about the software arises, you can get an answer almost immediately.

The developer can help your employees master the software. Such on-the-spot support is highly efficient. It simplifies the learning process and addresses serious issues timely.

Disadvantages of Hiring an In-House Software Developer

Even though it’s highly convenient to work with an in-house software developer, hiring one comes with a few disadvantages.

1. Costs

Saving money is main reason for outsourcing IT tasks. When you hire an in-house developer, you have to pay a salary and arrange benefits. Once the project is completed, you need to continue making these payments.

More often than not, such expenses are significantly higher than what you would pay to a company that provides development services.

Some development projects require hiring more than one developer. This would multiply your expenses considerably.

Additionally, you would need to deal with such costs as office rent and equipment.

2. Time

Software developers are currently in high demand. According Glassdoor, it can take about a month to find the right developer for your needs.

When a business owner decides to invest money in software development, they expect the project to be done as soon as possible. However, if you need to hire a developer and then wait for the onboarding process to be completed, it could take several weeks to get started.

If you want to save money and hire one developer instead of opting for a team of experts, you have to be ready for the project to take a long while.

3. Risks

When you hire an in-house developer and invest a substantial amount of time and money, you always risk losing them.

Today, the turnover rate across many industries is rather high. Since software developers are highly demanded, your new employee could always get a better offer, and leave you to start the hiring process all over again.

In-House Software Development: The Takeaway

Hiring an in-house software developer allows you to have better control of the project, improve communications, and get free maintenance. However, you have to be ready for formidable expenses and a long wait.

The choice depends on how much time and money you are planning to spend on the software development project. If hiring a development team is out of the question, consider software development outsourcing.

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